Polygon file format

The format of these polygon files is as follows. There is a 5-line header, followed by a bunch of polygons.

File Header

The file header has 5 lines, some of which contain relevant information, italicized below:
  1. polygons name
  2. Number of polygons: n_polys
    where n_polys is the total number of polygons in the file
  3. Number of coordinates per vertex: n_ccords
    where n_ccords is the number of coordinates for each vertex. This can be 3 (position only), 6 (position and normal), 8 (position, normal, and texture coordinates, or 5 (position, texture coordinates, but no per-vertex normal)
  4. Each polygon:
    Ignore this line
  5. Each vertex:
    Ignore this line

Each Polygon

each polygon starts with a descriptive line:
n_verts norm_x norm_y norm_z r g b id
where Then each vertex has 3, 5, 6, or 8 floating-point values.
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