Here are varous geometric models of actual microgeometry used in my Master's thesis and the 1992 SIGGRAPH paper "Predicting Reflectance Functions from Complex Surfaces", by Stephen H. Westin, James R. Arvo, and Kenneth E. Torrance.

Gaussian rough surfaces

Here is the microgeometry of four Gaussian rough surfaces. The surface roughness parameters were σ=10 μm, τ=65 μm for a patch width of 4×4 millimeters.

There are four files compressed with GNU gzip, each containing 131,072 triangles. Each file is about 3.1MB. The format is pretty simple; when I get time, I'll convert the files to something like Inventor.

Image of Gaussian surface gauss1.geom.gz (3113820 bytes)
Image of Gaussian surface gauss2.geom.gz (3116537 bytes)
gauss3.geom.gz (3119823 bytes)
gauss4.geom.gz (3115892 bytes)


Image of velvet bristles
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Cloth weave

Image of cloth weave
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Bed of cylinders for anisotropic metal

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